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Since 2002 Bit is Italian technology has made available to you a complete range of low power radio modules developed with the aim of facilitating communication between devices via radio.
Bit radio modules allow you to communicate easily through ISM bands with the addition of an antenna only.


BIT48LR is a transceiver with long range low power LoRa technology. Provides a low-power, easy-to-use solution for long range wireless data transmission. The advanced control interface offers quick time to market. The BIT48LR module complies with the specifications of the LoRaWAN Class A protocol. It integrates RF transceiver, microcontroller, API (Application Programming Interface) processor, making it a complete and ready to use solution. With a footprint of only 14.4x14.4 mm the BIT48LR module is suitable for simple long range sensor applications with external host MCU.


BIT868MN is a transceiver module designed for low power applications with a footprint of 14.4x14.4 mm. The module operates in the 863-870 MHz band. The module implements a secure, low power proprietary MESH (BITMESH) network protocol with TSCH (Time Slotted Channel Hopping) technology. Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), AES encryption, Automatic frequency compensation (AFC) and ListenBefore Talk (LBT) are also implemented.


BIT868RM20 are very small, complete and compact RF modules with integrated MCU. With a package of only 19 x 19 mm and 36 pins they offer a truly inexpensive wireless solution. No additional components are needed, except for a simple antenna. The module is designed to be mounted in SMT.


The BIT08RM-LP modules are complete and compact RF solutions with integrated MCU. With only 15x28 mm of footprint the modules offer a really convenient economic solution. No additional components are needed, except for a simple antenna. All operating parameters are fully configurable: UART baud rate, RF data rate, output power, RF channel, Carrier Sense, packet length, etc.


BIT169RMH-LP is a transceiver module designed for low consumption applications. It operates in the 169 MHz ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) and SRD (Short RangeDevice) frequency band. It is designed to create easy-to-use RF solutions that provide reliable data transfer between remote devices. The module can work with a host connected via UART (up to 115.2 kbps) or as a standalone full RF module. BIT169RM-LP has up to 17 I / O pins. It is fully programmable in a very small package: only 15 x 28 mm ready for SMT assembly.
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